Sacha Baron Cohen Asks Dick Cheney To Sign Water Board Kit In New Clip From Mystery Showtime Series


Sacha Baron Cohen currently has two posts on his Twitter page. One is a teaser of a buzzworthy project about Donald Trump that he has in the works and another one of Dick Cheney signing a waterboard kit. Yes, you heard that right: the former Vice President signing a kit dedicated to a form of torture.

All signs are pointing to the much-talked-about Showtime series Cohen has in the works. Numerous online promos and “Who is America?” posters around New York City have been teasing the July 15 of the super-duper secret project. One of the videos Showtime posted blatantly says, “We’d like to tell you about a new comedy that’s coming, but we can’t. The creators won’t let us show you a scene, the lawyers won’t let us tell you the name of the star, and we can’t even reveal the show’s title or we’d be breaking or non disclosure agreement.”

As we inch closer to July 15, we are getting clues as to what Cohen’s show is going to be about. More than likely, it will be like the unfiltered and envelope-pushing Da Ali G Show where Cohen interviewed guests in character — he even interviewed Trump, who walked out because he saw it as a “scam.” Speaking of POTUS, the teasers lead us to believe that it will definitely put the spotlight on America and the current administration.

The latest teaser gives away a huge clue as it blatantly states, “Imagine if Sacha Baron Cohen had been undercover secretly filming a new show for a year.”  It is then followed by flashes of images and ends on what is presumably Cohen asking Cheney to sign his waterboard kit — I didn’t even know those existed.

Watch the teaser below.


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