Alan Dershowitz To CNN: “I’m Winning The Battle On Martha’s Vineyard”


Modern-day McCarthyism apparently doesn’t stand a chance against Alan Dershowitz, who boasted today on CNN that he “is winning the battle on Martha’s Vineyard.”

Dershowitz declared victory on this morning’s Smerconish, just 10 days after the socially embattled coastal summerer wrote a column for The Hill in which he bemoaned being shunned by old friends and other warm-weather trippers on the famously liberal (and famously elite) Martha’s Vineyard.

Watch a clip below.

The Harvard law prof emeritus wrote – to much internet snarking – that the cause of all the cold shoulders was his very public arguments against the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

“For them,” he wrote about his Vineyard neighbors on June 27, “it is enough that what I have said about the Constitution might help Trump. So they are shunning me and trying to ban me from their social life on Martha’s Vineyard.”

The part that drew the loudest howls: “I never thought I would see McCarthyism come to Martha’s Vineyard, but I have.”

Rather than back away from the hyperbolic comparison of his lackluster social life to ruined careers, blacklists and prison, Dershowitz doubled down today when CNN’s Michael Smerconish joked during their conversation “I think that answer just cost you three more invitations on Martha’s Vineyard.”

“Well, that’s okay,” Dershowitz said with a smile. “I don’t mind that. Look, I’m winning the battle on Martha’s Vineyard. The people of Martha’s Vineyard are reasonable and decent and they have begun to really condemn the small number of people who have said, ‘Look, because you have spent your life defending everybody’s civil liberties we’re going to stop talking to you.’ ”

Not bothering to explain the Vineyard-goers’ sudden outrage over “everybody’s” civil liberties, Dershowitz then reiterated his pro-Hillary political leanings.

“Look, everybody would have been happier on Martha’s Vineyard – including me – if Hillary Clinton had been elected president. If she were now being impeached or prosecuted or threatened, I’d be her strongest champion. I actually wrote a book previously defending President Bill Clinton’s right not to be impeached.

“Today I’d be a hero of Martha’s Vineyard if I were making exactly the same arguments but making them for Hillary Clinton rather than helping Donald Trump…”

Comparing the Vineyarders to politically correct college students, Dershowitz told Smerconish, “it’s all about small-minded intolerance and an unwillingness to talk.” He said the adults of Martha’s Vineyard, like the college kids, want “safe spaces and trigger warnings – not to be confronted with a different point of view.”

Dershowitz, who tells The New York Times today that the reaction to his Trump stance has been “much worse” than when he defended O.J. Simpson “or Claus von Bulow or Leona Helmsley or Michael Milken or Mike Tyson” because “in those cases people were critical of me, but they were prepared to discuss it,” isn’t backing off, win, lose or drawing no beachside cocktail invites.

“I’m not going to change my position,” Dershowitz told Smerconish. “I’m going to continue to make my position – I make it in my book, The Case Against Impeaching Trump – I’m going to continue making it in any format that I’m asked to make it.”

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