‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Roars To $932M+ Global; ‘Incredibles 2’ Nears $650M WW – International Box Office

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom
Universal Pictures

UPDATE, WRITETHRU: Make it four in a row for Universal Pictures/Amblin Entertainment’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and its dino-might atop the international box office. In 68 markets, the JA Bayona-helmed sequel grossed $56.1M this weekend to take the overseas cume to $667.6M. That lifts the global gobble to $932.4M with the $1B milestone in stomping distance.

JWFK saw an overall 50% offshore drop in the 4th session, and in several markets is seeing similar or stronger holds compared to 2015’s Jurassic World — folks just love dinosaurs, and international rollout on the classic franchise’s latest entry was set across a prime piece of the calendar’s real estate.

While it won’t (and wasn’t expected to) beat the previous film overall, JWFK in its 3rd China weekend grossed $15M to bring the Middle Kingdom total to $237.1M — topping JW‘s take. However, T-Rex stepped into the No. 2 position for the frame there, making way for local pic Animal World, an eccentric Manga adaptation that co-stars Michael Douglas and is coming in No. 1.

Local movies will take over China as the July blackout gets into full swing, but this won’t preclude JWFK from crossing $1B worldwide. When it does, it will be the 3rd movie of the year to hit the milestone and the first non-Disney title.

Speaking of Disney, in a repeat of the past three weekends, Pixar’s Incredibles 2 is the No. 2 movie internationally as it continues a staggered summer rollout. The long-anticipated sequel had a $44.3M session in 36 markets for an overseas total of $207.1M — that’s before the superhero family lands in many of the majors. It also passed $600M global with $646.8M to see the Brad Bird-helmed return leap over the original’s $633M worldwide.

Elsewhere, there were a handful of new entries at the international box office this session. They include Sicario: Day Of The Soldado which bagged $8.4M in 55 Sony and Lionsgate markets; Sony’s Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation which flew into Australia, taking advantage of the start of school holidays to get a jump on rollout and landing ahead of the 2015 pic; and in India, Fox Star scored its 2nd best opening ever with Sanjay Dutt biopic Sanju at $21.6M.

Warner Bros/Village Roadshow’s Ocean’s 8, meanwhile, crossed $200M worldwide and is closing in on $100M offshore.

Next weekend sees Disney/Marvel’s Ant-Man And The Wasp begin to buzz around the globe with a wide release outside of the European majors which come post World Cup, and sans China where it’s expected in late August.

In the meantime, breakdowns on the films above and more have been updated below.


The follow-up to Denis Villeneuve’s gritty 2015 Mexico-set action thriller is being released overseas by a combination of Sony and Lionsgate. The former released in 13 markets including Latin America and Spain for $2.2M on 1,800+ screens this session. In those hubs, the sequel is tracking 14% higher than the previous film at current rates.

Directed by Gomorrah’s Stefano Sollima, Soldado went out via Lionsgate partners in 42 markets for $6.2M. That takes the international total to a combined $8.4M at open.

Korea was a highlight with $1.2M, a 224% rise over the first movie. Australia/New Zealand and the UK debuted to an estimated $976K and $944K, respectively.

There are several majors to come on the movie that is again scripted by Taylor Sheridan. In Josh Brolin’s latest summer entry, he returns as CIA operative Matt Graver alongside Benicio Del Toro as the mysterious lawyer-turned-assassin Alejandro. The story moves from an emphasis on battling drug trafficking to human trafficking as Mexican cartels are exporting terrorists across the border.

The previous film’s top plays were the UK, Australia, France, Germany and Mexico. It had debuted during the Cannes Film Festival and was rolled out in the fall; this time it’s looking to act as counterprogramming for adults during a blockbuster popcorn/World Cup summer.


The return of Sony’s Drac Pack began its offshore release this weekend in Australia to take advantage of the start of school holidays. The animated threequel nabbed $1.9M on 397 screens there, including previews, to bite off a start that’s 5% ahead of the previous title. This is an early release ahead of expanded rollout in two weeks including Brazil, Mexico, Russia and Spain.

Sony staged a global push for HT3 — again directed by Genndy Tartakovsky and with Adam Sandler atop the voice cast — when it sailed onto the Hotel Carlton’s dock a day ahead of the Cannes Film Festival. This followed similar pre-fest stunts for Angry Brids and The Emoji Movie, making smart use of a day when the world’s entertainment media is a hungry, captive audience.

The previous HT movies have been winners for Sony Pictures Animation, increasing domestically and internationally. Both were released in the fall, so this is the first summer tryout. HT2 finaled at $303.5M overseas in 2015 with the UK leading, followed by Venezuela, Mexico, China and Russia. Combined, the prior two movies have made $831.6M worldwide.

This time around, the monster family boards a cruise ship where Drac begins to fall for mysterious Captain Ericka, but little do they know she’s a descendant of Abraham Van Helsing, ancient nemesis to Dracula and all other monsters.


Universal Pictures
Universal/Amblin’s return to Isla Nublar was the No. 1 movie internationally again this weekend, a fourth session in a row that points to the world’s love for dinosaurs — and the film’s smart placement on the calendar. It began overseas rollout ahead of the World Cup and has played through as the dominant force at offshore turnstiles with no major challenge in its path.

Given the pent-up anticipation for the previous film, this one was not expected to match its numbers, and it isn’t going to. But T Rex can clap his claws as he will pass the $1B mark worldwide likely next weekend, and that will make his the 3rd movie of the year to hit the milestone, and the first non-Disney title.

The current frame was down 50% from last, with $56.1M in 68 markets. The international total is $667.6M for $932.4M global. Japan is still to open on July 13.

Most holds were similar to or above the 2015 dino-naut, including in China which has topped that movie at $237.1M to date. While it will begin to slink down the chart there as the July blackout curtain falls, it’s the No. 5 movie of 2018 in the market and the No. 2 from Hollywood.

No. 1 holds included Mexico, Australia, the UK, Germany, France, Argentina, Peru, Spain, Colombia and Chile.

In the Top 5 market are China ($237.1M), Korea ($4M), the UK ($46M), Mexico ($24M) and France ($23M).


Disney/Pixar’s sequel has leapt over $600M globally, fueled by a $439.7M domestic total to date, and $207.1M internationally on what is a staggered release throughout the summer. The worldwide cume is $646.8M to top the previous 2004 movie’s $633M.

In its 3rd offshore session, the Brad Bird-helmed superhero family grossed $44.3M in 36 material markets which rep 51% of the international footprint. Among the markets still to come are the UK, Korea, Japan, Spain, Italy and Germany.

This weekend saw a strong opening in Brazil with $6.5M at No. 1 and the 2nd best animated launch ever, narrowly behind Despicable Me 3. School vacations start there this week, setting up the Incredibles for a good run in a hub that embraces family and superheroes. Excluding Brazil, the drop across Latin America was 30%.

In Taiwan, I2 took $3.2M for the 2nd best animated start, behind Minions this time. Across Asia, the movie was No. 1 for the 3rd frame in a row in Indonesia and the Philippines. Now playing in India for just two sessions, Incredibles 2 is the highest grossing animated release of all time ($5.9M)

China, where the movie had a healthy start last weekend, dropped by 52%. It’s grossed $40.8M in 10 days, topping Finding Dory, but not finding the kind of success that Coco saw last year. 

In Europe, there were No. 1 bows as schools let out in Belgium, the Netherlands and Portugal. Otherwise, it has not yet hit the majors there.

The Top 5 markets to date are China ($40.8M), Mexico ($30.1M), Australia ($19.2M), Russia ($13.1M) and Argentina ($8.6M).


Warner Bros Pictures
Warner Bros/Village Roadshow’s jewel heist pic has crossed $200M at the worldwide box office and is closing in on $100M internationally. The female-fronted counterprogrammer hit the back of the net this weekend with another $13.8M in 62 markets on roughly 8,854 screens. The drop was just 46% overall. The ladies are counting $95M in offshore diamonds and $209.7M global.

In its major 2nd weekend outings, the UK, Russia and Germany all held the No. 2 slot. Sweden and Finland each opened to No. 1 with the latter’s $316K besting the rest of the franchise.

The Top 5 hubs to date are Australia ($11.3M), Korea ($10.4M), the UK ($9M), Mexico ($6.1M) and Brazil ($4.9M). Spain releases this week with Italy later this month and Japan in August.


Solo: A Star Wars Story
Disney/Lucasfilm’s scruffed up Solo: A Star Wars Story finally landed in Japan this weekend. It was the No. 1 Hollywood movie for the weekend there, ousting Deadpool 2 which had reigned supreme for four frames. The 3-day cume is $5.9M. Japan is slow-burn, has no piracy and loves Star Wars. Unfortunately, the bad rap Solo‘s gotten elsewhere, despite being enjoyed by many who gave it a chance, isn’t likely to do young Han any favors.

The full overseas session was $6.1M in 24 markets. The international cume is now $161.6M for $368.9M global.


New Line
Warner Bros’ comedy about old friends who play a never-ending game of tag said “you’re it” this session in Russia and the UK. The movie is currently in 37 markets and has taken $7.4M to date, including $3.7M this frame, its best so far. Russia gave it a $1.1M start on 1,577 screens to top most comps including Blockers (+67%) and Date Night (+69%), but slightly behind Game Night. The UK bowed at No. 4 with $584K on 495 screens. There are more hubs to come throughout the rest of the summer and September. The global cume is $48.3M on the reported $28M budget pic.


Deadpool 2
20th Century Fox
Deadpool 2 (FOX): $2.8M intl weekend (63 markets); $408.7M intl cume
Adrift (STX): $2.4M intl weekend (32 markets); $4.9M intl cume
Love, Simon (FOX): $1.6M intl weekend (23 markets); $22.1M intl cume
Truth Or Dare (UNI): $1.1M intl weekend (19 markets); $51.9M intl cume
A Quiet Place (PAR): $900K intl weekend (9 markets); $142.7M intl cume
Sherlock Gnomes (PAR): $341K intl weekend (11 markets); $44.9M intl cume


China’s Animal World, which has a 7.5 on Douban, is an adaptation of the Japanese Manga Ultimate Survivor Kaiji and is directed by Han Yan. His Go Away, Mr Tumor was a critically-praised hit with over $80M at home in 2015. Here Han enlists Michael Douglas as villian in the story that involves a high-stakes game of rock, paper, scissors; a cruise ship named Destiny; and a badass Super Clown. The off-the-wall pic grabbed a comScore estimated $34.6M in its opening in 7 markets, although local reports put it higher in China at $37.7M. This is the first major entry into the July blackout and was No. 1 for the weekend.

Monkey Pictures
But also in China, Dying To Survive is one to watch. It’s high on Chinese minds and could have breakout potential after Sunday previews of $7.6M. A black comedy headlined by Xu Zheng, it’s directed by up and coming talent Wen Muye and loosely based on the true story of a Chinese leukemia patient who smuggled unapproved drugs from India to get affordably-priced medicine for himself and 1,000 others. The official release is July 6.

Fox Star’s Sanju, a biopic of controversial star Sanjay Dutt, opened in India and the UK this weekend, scoring $22.2M. In India, the film starring Ranbir Kapoor was No. 1 and is Fox Star’s 2nd biggest bow ever at $21.6M. Anticipation was great for the latest from PK director Rajkumar Hirani with over 53M YouTube views on the trailer released May 30. Hailing from a family of cinema legends, Dutt became a film star, and then saw dizzying heights and darkest depths including battles with various addictions, brushes with the underworld, prison terms, loss of loved ones, and the haunting speculation that he might or might not be a terrorist. Per comScore, Sanju was the No. 4 title internationally in the session, behind JFWK, Incredibles 2 and Animal World.

Warner Bros released The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion in Korea, a mystery action title that landed No. 1 with $7.3M on 1,090 screens. From director Park Hoon-jung, the story follows a young girl who escapes from a government facility and is taken in by an old couple, although she has no memory of her past. Fast-forward 10 years and her appearance on a nationally televised audition program sees strange sorts start to appear in her life. The weekend results are ahead of Korean title comps New World, VIP and The Villainess.

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