Hugh Hewitt Announces End Of MSNBC Show


Conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt announced the end of his self-titled MSNBC show Saturday at the end of the broadcast.

“It’s been great fun to bring interviews with high-profile newsmakers to you and I will do more of it, which brings me to an important programming note,” he announced. “This has been the last Hugh Hewitt Show on MSNBC on Saturday mornings.”

Hewitt will remain on board as a contributor to Meet the Press. He promised that he would conduct more one-on-one interviews.

“It’s been great fun to host this show and I will see you on MSNBC soon,” he added.

Hewitt’s show began almost a year ago on June 24. The conservative radio host’s new cable-news program provided interviews and analysis on the week’s news and feature the obligatory panel of experts from various perspectives.



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