‘The Wire’ Showrunner David Simon, A Former Newsman, Slams Trump For Annapolis Shooting Climate

David Simon

Former newsman and showrunner for The Wire David Simon had an epic Twitter tweetstorm on Thursday, blaming President Donald Trump for the climate that led to the Annapolis, Maryland shootings at the Capital Gazette newspaper.

Simon, who set season five of The Wire at a dramatized Baltimore Sun and used to work for that newspaper, was vitriolic in his attacks on Trump.

“Blood today in an American newsroom. Aren’t you proud, you vile, fascist son of a bitch,” Simon tweeted in response to a Trump tweet in which the president claimed the “fake news media … is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!”

Simon’s next tweet claimed that a friend may have been involved in the Annapolis incident and had not yet reported they were safe. He was baited by another user, and responded with profanity, saying it was “Trump’s direct language” that’s to blame.
Simon only recently returned to Twitter after a ban for attacking another Trump follower. He celebrated his return with a lengthy tweetstorm of more than a dozen posts that showed his time away from the service had not dulled his passion.

Simon, also the showrunner for HBO’s The Deuce, also took on Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who criticized the mainstream media for creating a “lack of trust in reporting.”

 “From the vantage of someone who is waiting for the death count of journalists shot in their newsroom in my home state, can I simple say that @marcorubio is unfit to be a citizen of a republic, much less a legislator. You should crawl through broken glass to hell, Senator,” Simon wrote.

 Some Simon tweets:

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