Hollywood & Media React To Justice Anthony Kennedy Retiring: “Absorb The Shock, But Respond With Determination”

By Erik Pedersen, Lisa de Moraes


Donald Trump’s most winning week of his presidency continued today with Justice Anthony Kennedy announcing his pending retirement from the Supreme Court, and Hollywood types are making their feelings known about it. The mostly unsurprising news came hours after SCOTUS struck down a pro-union Illinois law and a day after it upheld Trump’s Muslim travel ban.


Kennedy has been the swing vote on a divided court since he was nominated by President Reagan in 1988 and confirmed on a 97-0 Senate vote. While left-leaners are un-thrilled about his siding with the conservative majority in the two crucial decisions this week – and his votes on key states-rights issues over the decades — he has been the key deciding vote in many progressive causes. They include Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992), which preserved the foundation of legal abortion from Roe v. Wade; the majority decision upholding affirmative action (Fisher v. University of Texas, 2016); and a series of gay-rights rulings, most famously the freedom of same-sex marriage via Obergefell v. Hodges three years ago.

Here is a sampling of reaction to Kennedy’s announcement from showbiz people, TV news pundits, some prominent politicians and others. We’ll add to the post as they come in, so refresh for the latest.

Greg Evans contributed to this report.

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