Did A 1997 ‘The Simpsons’ Episode Predict This Year’s World Cup Finale?


Is The Simpsons oracle at it again? After predicting such events as the Trump presidency, the (still pending) Disney-Fox merger and the outcome of the men’s curling final in the Winter Olympics this year, the animated comedy is drawing keen interest from football fans who believe a 1997 episode may have set the stage for a Portugal v Mexico World Cup finale.

In that episode, titled “The Cartridge Family,” Homer, Marge and the kids watch a TV ad for a match that will determine “which is the greatest nation on Earth.” At the time of the show’s airing, in November that year, Mexico was ranked 11th in the world and Portugal 27th.

While the 1997 episode does not mention what year it imagines a Portugal v Mexico face off, Portugese newspaper Eco writes, “During the episode there seems to be a reference to the scandal that recently struck the Mexican team who was allegedly accompanied by several women at a party” before heading to Russia. (Check out the video below.)

With the knockout rounds about to begin, there is a scenario under which Mexico and Portugal could conceivably end up in the final. There is a lot of play left to come, however “The Cartridge Family” has already gotten some things right about this tournament. Fast kickin’, low scorin’ (in most cases) and ties have certainly been part of the action (or inaction if you were watching France and Denmark on Tuesday).

It’s also worth noting that in a March 30, 2014 episode titled “You Don’t Have To Live Like A Referee,” The Simpsons accurately foretold that Germany would win the World Cup that year. Along with The Simpsons, and in the absence of Paul the octopus, other famous oracles this year include Achilles the deaf cat who lives at the Hermitage Museum and Zabiyaka the goat from Samara, Russia.

Here’s the Simpsons video from 1997:

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