Samantha Bee, Kathy Griffin, Michelle Wolf, Bill Maher Star In RNC’s New “Unhinged” Ad

Samantha Bee Ivanka Trump

Two days after White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders began preaching civility, after she got asked to leave Red Hen Restaurant in Virginia, GOP unleashed it’s “Unhinged” ad for the midterm election.

You’re likely to see a lot of this spot in key markets. It features an all-star cast:

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders “narrates” The Left In 2018: Unhinged, via audio from his presidential campaign speechifying.

Kathy Griffin is seen holding the fake severed Donald Trump head that cost her a CNN New Year’s Eve co-hosting deal. TBS late-night host Samantha Bee again delivers her “feckless —” message to White House staffer Ivanka Trump, who remained silent as dad/POTUS separated children from parents at the southern border, despite having promised to advocate for children in her non-salaried position. Bee has apologized for that remark, as did Griffin for the severed head, though she took back that mea culpa.

RNC considered Michelle Wolf’s White House Correspondents Dinner performance “unhinged” enough to be featured in the ad. Ditto HBO late-night star Bill Maher wishing for recession to get Trump out of office.

Footage of California’s Rep. Maxine Waters rallying fans after Sanders’ Red Hen encounter is given a place of prominence.

And, Johnny Depp is seen again wondering when was the last time an actor had assassinated POTUS, while Madonna boasts to fans she has “thought an awful lot” about blowing up the White House.

And that limo on fire footage is from coverage of Trump’s Inauguration Day, in Washington, D.C.

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