Donald Trump Amplifies Praise From David Lynch With Rare Understatement

Donald Trump David Lynch

The Donald Trump and David Lynch mutual admiration society truly has commenced.

After the Twin Peaks co-creator praised the former Celebrity Apprentice host this weekend as potentially being “one of the greatest presidents in history because he has disrupted the thing so much,” it was only a matter of time until the Great Disruptor weighed in.

What’s as odd as a Lynch plot line is that Trump took a rare understated approach to responding to the compliment from the former Barack Obama supporter, Oscar nominee and professional contrarian. No online purging like what Trump did to former NBC pal Jimmy Fallon after the Tonight Show host expressed regrets about the way he had the then-candidate on his late-night show in 2016. No capitalizations. No Elephant ManWild at Heart or frustrated Emmy-nomination jokes. No digs at other Hollywood directors or mention of that other Tinseltown Trump fan Roseanne Barr.


Instead the 72-year-old Trump up on Air Force One to a rally in South Carolina simply retweeted a Breitbart article on what 72-year-old Lynch told the UK’s The Guardian and let it hang there:

Of course, POTUS’ next tweet attacking a Democrat senator and Robert Mueller showed that a kinder and gentler Trump wasn’t in the offering:

He then went hunting digitally for other heads:

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