Creating The Chaos Within The Calm On ‘American Horror Story: Cult’ – Crew Call Podcast


Typically when it comes to the horror genre, it’s the rickety old, broken down homes or barns that raise the scare level. But for FX’s American Horror Story: Cult, Ryan Murphy craved a chic style and tapped his The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story production designer Jeffrey Mossa for the job.

Mossa’s starting point? A book about the homes of daytime talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres, which Murphy recommended. Taking inspiration from that source material, Mossa sought to create “a sense of chaos within the calm” in the swanky home owned by married couple Ivy Mayfair-Richards and Ally Mayfair-Richards (Allison Pill and Sarah Paulson), a domicile descended on by evil clowns, complete with a frosted glass bathroom doors and an old four-legged tub (reminiscent of AHS Season 1), a herringbone Art Deco-like bedroom, one zany Parallelogram bookcase, and a high-end French bistro which the couple owns.

The scare factor here? Lines running in and out in the picture to raise the suspense. In addition, Mossa got the chance to re-create Andy Warhol’s Factory for the Lena Dunham episode “Valerie Solanas Died For Your Sins: Scumbag” about the artist’s crazed shooter.

Listen to our conversation with Mossa on the latest episode of Crew Call:

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