Alamo Drafthouse Gets On The Monthly Unlimited Movie Ticket Subscription Bandwagon


In the wake of AMC’s new Stubs A-List $20/month three-movie tickets a week program, Alamo Drafthouse is launching their own monthly movie ticket subscription, but they’re not going in whole hog just yet.

Instead, the Austin, TX-based movie chain be doing a beta test that will run exclusively at their Yonkers, NY location with the first invites going out on July 18.

Alamo Drafthouse, Yonkers, NY Deadline

How much will it cost a month for unlimited movies at Alamo? The chain isn’t revealing at this point in time as they’ll be experimenting with different price points.

Nonetheless, this is a huge blow for MoviePass as they’ve prided themselves on serving the independent movie cinemas. While MoviePass can still be used at AMC and a number of theaters, that monthly movie ticket subscription service was trying to get a cut of concessions and rentals from exhibs based on the amount of traffic they would send to their theaters. As more theatrical chains start their own monthly subscription services, something Deadline predicted at CinemaCon, it will truly make it a challenge for MoviePass to survive.

“Our guests have been asking for quite some time for us to offer an affordable monthly subscription plan that allows for unlimited movies and the ability to reserve tickets in advance at Alamo Drafthouse. We plan to test a variety of models and pricing structures to see what works as a sustainable model. At this time there’s no firm timeline for a wider rollout to other Alamo Drafthouse locations, but when there is we’ll let our Alamo Victory loyalty members know first,” said the chain in a statement this morning.

Those moviegoers who are currently enrolled in Alamo’s gratis Victory rewards program will receive invites to step up their memberships for a price under the Alamo Season Pass. After that, those with the Alamo Season Pass can reserve their seats on the chain’s mobile app, and can do so days in advance, similar to AMC, but unlike MoviePass (where tickets need to be booked spur of the moment, a mile or two from the venue). Upon arrival, Alamo Season Pass members head straight to the theater, skipping the box office. Those Alamo Season Pass members bringing a friend can purchase additional companion tickets at the same time as booking theirs.

A waitlist of those interested in the Alamo Season Pass is currently being accumulated for the Yonkers, NY location. If someone passes on joining the program, then the offer goes to the next person on the list.

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