Donald Trump Gathers Alien-Violence Victims To Trash Media’s Snatched Baby Border Policy Coverage


Two days after President Donald Trump signed the executive order to “end” his child-snatching border policy, and one day after the First Lady flew to Texas to meet with a few of those snatched children, POTUS invited to the White House families that have been victimized by illegal immigrants. They stood behind him holding photos of deceased loved ones as he savaged the media for not covering their stories.

The event was widely covered by the media.

“We’re gathered today to hear directly from the victims of illegal immigration. You hear the other side — you never hear this side. You don’t know what’s going on,” Trump scowled from the podium.

“These are the American citizens permanently separated from their loved ones … ‘permanently’ being the word that you have to think about,” he said. “They’re not separated for a day or two days. These are permanent separations, because they were killed by criminal illegal aliens.

“These are the families that the media ignores,” Trump told the media cameras in the back of the room (read the White House Press Office’s release about the “Angel Families” moment here). “These are the stories that Democrats and people that are weak on immigration don’t want to discuss, they don’t want to hear, they don’t want to see, they don’t want to talk about. No major networks send cameras to their homes or display the images of their incredible loved ones across the nightly news.

“Where is the media outrage over the catch-and-release policies that allowed deadly drugs to pour in?” he continued. “Where is the condemnation of the Democrats’ sanctuary cities that release violent criminals into our communities and then protect them? … Where is the outcry over the savage gang MS-13 and its bloodthirsty creed: kill, rape and control?”

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