Stephen Colbert: Corey Lewandowski Hung Out To Dry By Donald Trump’s “Sudden Ethical Backpedal”


Stephen Colbert thinks Corey Lewandowski might be Donald Trump’s most immoral campaign manager, which is saying a lot given that the club includes Paul Manafort and Steve Bannon.

Earlier this week, Lewandowski was on air to discuss POTUS’s controversial policy of separating children from parents trying to cross the southern border illegally. In that appearance, Lewandowski interrupted a Dem commentator, making the sad-trombone sound “wah-wahhh” – or “womp-womp” according to some experts – as that Dem was talking about a 10 year-old immigrant child with Down syndrome who had been separated from her mother.

But, after going “all-in on the evil” in that TV appearance, Lewandowski got “hung out to dry by Trump’s sudden ethical backpedal” the next day, Colbert “sympathized.”

“For those of you keeping track of Donald Trump’s three campaign managers: one was womp-womping right there, one is in jail now,” leaving Bannon wearing The Nice One costume, the CBS late-night host marveled.

“Congratulations, Corey Lewandowski, you sold your soul to Donald Trump and you got nothing for it,” Colbert quipped, adding, “for the rest of your life you will be remembered for that moment.” Late Show, in fact, obtained an exclusive look at an early draft of Lewandowski’s obituary from many, many years in the future.

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