MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Bashes Fox News: “What Are YOU Going To Do Today To Help Us Find Those Children?!”


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough plastered Fox News Channel the morning after President Donald Trump signed an executive order ending his child-snatching border policy. The exec order did not address when and how the government would reunite parents with their 2,300-ish children who had been separated at the border.

Opening Morning Joe, he pounded Fox News “wondering,” “Are they more interested in whipping up frenzy, whipping up cultural war, saying, We are at war, you can only believe us, everyone else is lying, when so many of you guys have just swallowed the president’s lies whole. Or are you interested in finding out where these 2,300 children are?”

“I know Shep is. My god, I know Shep is. There are a lot of good people over there,” Scarborough conceded, also naming Bret Baier. “I’m just wondering though, what’s the end game there? You’ve got toddlers locked up in… detention centers. You’ve got infants, you’ve got young girls, you’ve got kids. You want to attack people who are trying to figure out where they are and how we can get them out?” he asked Fox News again.

“I can’t WAIT TO HEAR WHAT THE ANSWER IS!” Scarborough shouted at the camera. “What are you going to do in this time of crisis where 2,300 BABIES are being incarcerated by Donald Trump’s centralized state. What is your response to that moral and ethical question that has a bearing now on how the rest of world sees the United States of America? What are you going to do today to help us find those children, locate those children and unite those CHILDREN with their parents?” the former Republican congressman asked the cable news network.

His attack came hours after Fox News Channel chastised its cable news competitors for not airing President Trump’s Duluth rally Wednesday night, with a chyron that said, “Trump rally live & only on Fox News, other networks ignore presidential rally.”

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