AT&T-Owned DC Comics & Superman “Stand Up For What’s Right” On World Refugee Day

DC Comics

The town hall on the Warner Bros lot with new head honcho John Stankey is going on right now but the home of a certain man from Krypton is also flying the flag for World Refugee Day too.

In a tweet put out this morning, WB-owned and now AT&T owned DC Comics made it very clear where they and Superman stood. Amidst the political turmoil of anger against migrants that is sweep across Europe and the heartless chaos of family separation on our southern border, the comic giant poignantly reminded everyone that the 80th anniversary celebrating Man of Steel came to America and Earth under duress:

The online message of that refugee Man of Steel comes as Donald Trump swore today he would sign an executive order to stop the tearing apart of children from their immigrant families. In that context, the Superman statement is given an extra tall building leap as a commemoration of the 18-year old U.N. established observation. It is estimated by the U.N. that there are currently over 65 million displaced people around the world.

Hosted by WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara, the town hall with WarnerMedia CEO Stankey comes as the deadline for the judicially approved big bucks AT&T and Time Warner merger passes today. Doing a victory lap of WB today, HBO yesterday and CNN in Atlanta tomorrow, the shindig with studio execs and personnel in Burbank is expected to wrap around 11 AM.

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