Jimmy Fallon Talks Parkland Mass Shooting With Survivors David And Lauren Hogg


David Hogg, stopping by Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show with his sister Lauren Hogg to promote their book #Never Again, had a $1.05 pricetag pinned to his lapel.

Fallon asked, and the Parkland, Florida, school mass shooting survivor explained it marks the amount of money his state’s Sen. Marco Rubio has taken from NRA, divided by the number of students in the state.  What the NRA does, David explained, is “block common sense gun laws like universal background checks that 97% of the country supports.”

Fallon said he hated to talk about the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, expressing his discomfort. David and Lauren detailed their experience in the Valentine’s Day shooting.

Lauren said she thought the fire alarm going off for a second time that day was a “Valentine’s Day prank” until she saw kids she knew running and screaming” and heard what sounded like gunshots and saw texts of students saying “somebody is shooting into my room. I love you guys. Tell my parents I love them.”

David told Fallon he began running down the hall with other students and encountered a janitor who said “Don’t come this way – he’s over here.”

Ducking into a classroom, he started recording his fellow students “thinking maybe…if souls are left behind on this classroom floor, like so many others have before us. our voices can carry on and echo through the halls in Congress to create positive and effective change for this country, because god knows we need it.”

Once he got home he sent all of the footage to the editor at the local newspaper, where he also works, “to get it out there as soon as possible.”

Since then, David told Fallon, “You go to politicians and you ask for moderate changes, and they won’t even meet with you. or… they say,  ‘Yeah, we’ll do that,’ and then nothing happens. And you have to continue to see more and more people …get killed. Meanwhile, America sits back and does nothing.”

The Hoggs explained they are giving all of the money from the book to “charity and taxes.”

Fallon said he was “so impressed with you guys and what you’re doing,” adding, “Thank you so much for coming on the show the book is “#Never Again,” telling viewers they can get involved by texting “change” to 97779.

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