Netflix’s ‘One Day At A Time’ & Starz’ ‘Vida’ Demand End To Border Family Separation; Ask Other Series To Donate

On a day when Donald Trump and his chorus of sycophants have doubled down on tearing apart families at the southern border and tossing children in caged detention centers, two series have thrown down to Hollywood to stand up for what’s right.

One Day at a Time and Vida are teaming up to end family separation at the border,” wrote executive producer Gloria Kellett on Tuesday online. “In just 6 weeks, upon being detained at the border, 1,995 children have been separated from their families and now a tent city has cropped up in Texas built to detain immigrant children,” Vida EP Tanya Saracho added on her own Instagram account. “We have to do something,” the former How To Get Away With Murder scribe added of the newly enacted zero tolerance policy Trump and AG Jeff Sessions clamped down with in the past two months as a part of their never-ending screech over asylum seekers, refugees and illegal immigrants.

Both Latino centered series, the Norman Lear EP Netflix show and the recently renewed Starz drama have called out to Jane The Virgin and ABC’s upcoming Grand Hotel to join them and put some money on the table.

The Miami Beach set latter stars Demian Bichir, who penned a guest column for Deadline on Tuesday about the terrible created crisis occurring on the border right now. “The Trump administration has reached its lowest level of humanity in the past few weeks, using children to teach the world a lesson,” wrote Bichir bluntly. “These children have been physically and psychologically abused by the U.S. government.”

Today also saw MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow lose her composure and break down for a moment on air while reading an AP report about newborns and infants being ripped away from their parents under this heartless policy.

Ever the pro, Maddow took to social media after her show to unnecessarily apologize and provide viewers a link to the story that caused her such sudden grief.

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