Stephen Colbert Bashes Sarah Sanders’ Border Questions Dodge: Trump “Owns Locking Kids in Cages”


UPDATED with video: Once again, the big story of the day was Donald Trump’s policy of taking immigrant children from their parents at the border. Tough on comics who do topical late-night shows.

“There are two ways to look at the story,” Stephen Colbert argued. “You can be horrified – or work for Donald Trump.”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders appeared to want to do both.

On Monday, DHS Secy “and Stepmom Flushing Pictures of Your Real Mom Down the Toilet Kirstjen Nielsen” defended Trump’s policy at the daily White House press briefing,” Colbert reminded.

Normally, White House Press Secretary Sanders has that responsibility. But she “did not want to do the briefing amid questions on the child separation policy,” Colbert explained.

“Listen up: you don’t get to tag out here, Sarah,” Colbert scolded. “Cause, it’s not really you up there. You’re just Donald Trump’s mouthpiece – or whatever part the lies come out of.”

“Your administration owns locking up children,” the CBS late-night host chided.  “But, if kids in cages is too much for you to defend, there is one option. You could resign. This is the White House, not an abandoned Walmart.”

“You’re allowed to leave.”

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