‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Has Spinoff Launch Pads In Michelle Yeoh & Jason Issacs

Star Trek Discovery Michelle Yeoh Jason Isaacs
CBS All Access

Nothing’s official yet but the announcement today that CBS All AccessStar Trek: Discovery will be expanded into new series may have been openly teased at New York Comic-Con last year.

As the packed crowd at the Theater at Madison Square Garden roared for a surprise appearance by Michelle Yeoh on the cast filled panel, executive producer Heather Kadin told fans, “you’ll see more of this woman.”

Now, even though her Captain Philippa Georgiou perished early on in the Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman created and Sonequa Martin-Green led latest Trek show, the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon star returned in flashbacks and more resolutely as the Mirror Universe’s ruthless Captain Emperor Georgiou for the second part of Discovery. As Jason Isaacs Captain Gabriel Lorca and his Mirror Lorca character were killed off, Georgiou made it through to the end of the Klingon War in the February 11 “Will You Take My Hand” finale before whipping off into the cosmos.

So, will we see more of this woman or is another element of the eminently explorable Star Trek universe in play? With Season 1 of the renewed Discovery having the crew pulling up to a distress call from the iconic USS Enterprise, here’s a few directions a spinoff could go:

Go Georgiou: In an interview just after the Discovery Season 1 finale had gone up and Yeoh’s fan fave character had taken off on her way, Kurtzman trial ballooned a “wouldn’t it be great if she came back?”

Clearly, if that roar at NYCC last October is any indication for the Crazy Rich Asians actor, the answer is Yes.

Now, with Kurtzman’s new five-year overall deal with CBS TV Studios and spinoff galore on the table, the voyages and adventures of the steel strong Captain Emperor Georgiou are perfectly set up for their own series for one of the most obvious leads in a greater franchise that has gone from the original Star Trek to Next Generation to prequel Enterprise and to Discovery and beyond.

Loads of Lorca: First of all, nobody in any universe really dies on the small screen and there are as many ways to bring Jason Isaacs’ battle loving and deceptive Captain Lorca back as there are stars in the sky. Now that the second “Part II” season of Netflix’s The OA is in the can, Isaacs would make a lot of fans happy if he was back in the big chair on the Command Deck to fight his way across the galaxy for the Federation or anyone else.

More Mudd: Rainn Wilson has already said he is totally into a spinoff built around cosmic con man Harry Mudd. Add to that the deep roots that the character has in the Trek Universe and the slickster should be a contender.

Khan: Go large and go bad with the ultimate single best Star Trek villain Khan Noonien Singh. Originally introduced in the 1967 “Space Seed” episode, the Ricardo Montalban portrayed baddie owned the 1982 flick The Wrath of Khan. Small screen prequel, sequel or something very different, the possibilities of Khan would be hard to resist – and then there’s the inevitable crossover and William Shatner cameo.

Vulcans: Sonequa Martin-Green’s Discovery character Michael Burnham was raised in Vulcan culture by Spock’s father Sarek, so the vines are already growing through this latest Trek effort. The connection to the Leonard Nimoy birthed role also looks certain to be developed in Season 2 of Discovery with James Frain back as the ambassador to the United Federation of Planets. Plus, c’mon it’s the Vulcans, when it comes to spinoffs, they live long and would prosper.

What do you think, where should the Discovery franchise boldly go?

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