Jeffrey Katzenberg Raises Big Bucks For Democrats’ Midterms Efforts In SoCal

Jeffery Katzenberg

Barack Obama is coming to Beverly Hills next week to rake in dough for the Democrats, but Jeffrey Katzenberg made it rain money for the party on Monday.

In a hosted fundraiser last night at Spago, the former DreamWorks Animation boss and now WndrCo chief and spouse Marilyn helped raise $4.5 million for Democrats running in this year’s deeply contested midterm elections.

“California is critical in Democrat’s efforts to win back the House this fall!” proclaimed the invite to the $25,000 to $250,000 ticketed intimate event for the House Majority PAC. With just 23 seats needed to unlock the GOP and Donald Trump’s leg hold on the House of Representatives, seat rich Cali was certainly represented at the Canon Drive hangout with soon-to-be retiring Gov. Jerry Brown and once and perhaps future House Speaker Nancy Pelosi among those in attendance.

Some of the old gang were missing as Monday also had frequent Dems donors J.J Abrams and Katie McGrath hosting an event with Michelle Obama at their home. Roseanne target and former Obama right hand lady Valerie Jarrett interviewed the ex-First Lady for a paying crowd for the Obama Foundation.

“America’s best days are ahead of us, but only if Democrats win back the House and put an end to the divisiveness and intolerance coming from this White House,” said long time deep pocket Democrat donor Katzenberg at the dinner on Monday evening “House Majority PAC has led the way countering the flood of desperate spending that GOP outside groups are funneling into critical House races,” he added of the 2011 founded fundraising arm as his political right hand man Andy Spahn looked on last night.

No stranger at all to the machinations of money in American politics, Katzenberg was the largest single donor to the elections of Obama. A natural born cheerleader, the animation mogul has also long argued among the Tinseltown 1% for giving the Democrats the dough they need to be competitive in wide spread Congressional races – which is to say, he didn’t just drink this Kool-Aid yesterday.

The Spago shindig came on the same day that Ivanka Trump was in town too on some Republican fundraising of her own for the clearly worried GOP and their terribly titled “Protect The House bid. The eldest First Daughter was making the rounds in LA and in a Mary Hart hosted Fresno event She was joined by House Speaker in waiting Kevin McCarthy looking for cash for the Republicans and maintaining their hold on Congressional power.

Democrats are usually known for coming out West for the Hollywood ATM around election time but there is money in those Beverly Hills for the GOP too.

Vice-President Mike Pence has made his way out to Cali a few times in hit and run fundraisers for his party, as has Trump himself who has a home in the tony neighborhood. Hoping to avoid protesters and the media, both often leave their plans to press the flesh for cash relatively vague and far from prying eyes.

That, of course, all ends at the ballot box for both sides.

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