Seth Meyers: Donald Trump Gaslighting America With Claims His Baby Snatching Immigration Policy Is Democrats’ Doing

Donald Trump Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers is among the late-night stars to attack Donald Trump and members of his administration who defended his new “zero tolerance” immigration policy in which thousands of children are being snatched from their parents at the southern border.

Baby snatching is not a law foisted upon them by Democrats, as Trump has insisted. It’s a policy decision by the Trump administration, the NBC Late Night host explained.

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And, over the weekend, White House Senior Policy Adviser Stephen Miller “briefly took human form to take credit” for the policy, Meyers snarked. Miller told The New York Times it was a “simple policy decision by the administration to have a zero tolerance policy for illegal entry, period. … The message is that on one is exempt from immigration law.”

Commented Meyers: “You know you’re evil when you actually want credit for a policy this cruel. Miller’s like a serial killer who leaves clues for the police.”

He added: “To be absolutely clear, this Is not a law. It’s a choice by the Trump administration, and they could end it right now. And yet Trump is trying to gaslight the country into thinking it’s actually the Democrats’ fault that this policy exists. He just repeats the same lie, over and over.”

What’s really going on is that Trump is “holding these kids hostage so that he can get his border wall,” the late-night host explained. A White House official told the Washington Post that the thinking in the building is to force people to the table.

Talking to reporters on the White House lawn Friday, Trump insisted, “I want the laws to be beautiful, humane and strong.”

Said Meyers tonight, “Trump‘s lies are starting to sound like the Tinder profile of a scammer trying to catfish you.

“This policy is monstrous and morally repugnant and it is being done in our name,” he continued. “Any elected official who doesn’t call for an immediate end to it is complicit, and anyone associated with it should resign in disgrace.”

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