‘Aquaman’ Will Emerge At San Diego Comic-Con

Warner Bros.

Typically Warner Bros. keeps a lid on what they’re sending down to San Diego Comic-Con until well into July.

However, on Friday director James Wan let the fish out of the bag: Aquaman is definitely going and Warners will be dropping a trailer.

We’re also hearing DC’s gill guy might be making a bigger splash than usual, read last year Alcon/Sony/Warners’  Blade Runner 2049 had an experience where attendees walked around the pic’s futuristic sets, extras and props. That would be cool if Warners sets up a few aquarium tanks, but details are still TBD. Last year, Aquaman himself Jason Momoa led the charge into Hall H –Robert Downey Jr. style– for the Justice League portion of Warner’s session and there was some teaser footage shown from Aquaman.

At CinemaCon, a work-in-progress Aquaman trailer was shown to exhibitors displaying the underseas kingdom of Atlantis, replete with swimming fish people — some riding sea horses — and futuristic submarines. In the trailer, Aquaman is challenged by his brother (Patrick Wilson) for the throne (hello, Black Panther?), with Amber Heard’s Mera begging Aquaman, “Unless you help us, millions will die.”

There was also a glimpse of DC’s Shazam! at CinemaCon, however, that was it; no teaser. It would be a shocker if Warner Bros. doesn’t show any footage from that April 5, 2019 release.

Aquaman opens on Dec. 21 and is the signature event film in the year-end corridor without a Star Wars on the marquee. Comic-Con runs from July 19-22.

Here’s Wan’s Twitter post:

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