New Weinstein Company Owners Settle ‘Hotel Mumbai’ Rights Dust-Up

Lantern Taj Mahal Hotel Mumbai

If and when Lantern Capital’s acquisition of The Weinstein Company is totally complete in the next few weeks, one thing the private-equity firm will not own is Hotel Mumbai.

Just under two months after producers of the Dev Patel and Armie Hammer starring film about the 2008 attacks on the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel went after TWC in bankruptcy court to have the pic removed as an asset, all sides have come to a deal.

‘The Parties have since entered into the Stipulation resolving the disputes and issues related to the Picture and the License Agreement, and any ownership and/or distribution interests with respect thereto, all as more fully described in the Settlement Motion,” declared a motion put into the federal court docket today (read it here). “The Stipulation requires, among other things, that the Debtors seek relief from this Court to seal or otherwise redact the confidential terms and provisions contained therein.”

Back in the spring, the Hotel Mumbai backers announced that they had rescinded their distribution and marketing agreement with TWC in February, following months of a flood allegations and investigations of sexual misconduct by Harvey Weinstein. Still, in March, the pic was included among the assets for bidders to grab, a line point that Hotel Mumbai PTY LTD felt needed correcting.

The deal made public today means the HM producers can now take the picture elsewhere for distribution. It also means that though one movie down, Lantern have one less TWC headache to endure.

And they clearly want the pain to go away fast, as a hearing is set for June 22 before United States Bankruptcy Judge Mary F. Walrath to at least wrap this matter up.

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