Michelle Wolf And Hannibal Buress Play ‘Hate It Or Love It’ On Netflix’s ‘The Break’


“When I got this show I realized I had the opportunity to go really in depth on a topic, examining different points of view and presenting you with a measured opinion, acknowledging all the grey areas,” Michelle Wolf says in the latest edition of her Netflix series The Break.

“But I don’t want to do that! I want to do something called ‘Hate It Or Love It,'” she enthused. Netflix eloquently describes it as Wolf’s latest fun “break from today’s sh*t storm.”

Hannibal Buress joins her to weigh in on various topics, giving “our gut opinion whether we hate it or love it, no middle ground, no compromise – just the way America’s supposed to be,” she explained.

Wolf really hates “laughing children,” also hates shows about children, which, she says, is why she refuses to watch Stranger Things. “Grow up, get some perspective – THEN come back and tell me your stories. You don’t know anything!” she screeches.

Buress, on the other hand, has a serious hate going on for “water.”

“Why do I have to drink so much god damned water? I’m supposed to drink a gallon of water a day just be a human being? And why can I drown if I’m 85% water? I should be supported by the water and the other 15% has to figure the rest out.”

More hating and loving in this segment to be seen when show drops Sunday.

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