Stephen Colbert: “Feckless Country” Rips Children From Parents At Border


Stephen Colbert devoted Late Show‘s second act last night to the Trump administration’s “use of cruelty as a deterrent” on our southern border.

Attorney General “and Man Dreaming About Changing His Name To Jim Crow” Jeff Sessions has instituted a new policy to separate immigrant kids from their parents at the border.

To date, 1,358 children been ripped from their families at the U.S. border.

“If that sounds evil, good news, your ears are working,” Colbert said. “The United States – that’s you and me – are putting up with our government saying to immigrants, ‘The worst thing imaginable will happen to you: We will take your children away from you with no guarantee you will see them again’.”

“That is using cruelty as a deterrent,” Colbert condemned.

“That’s not my interpretation. That is our stated policy,” he explained, citing a news report in which three government officials said the thinking is it will deter mothers from migrating to the U.S. with their children.

“The other part is recreational racism,” Colbert added.

Federal officials have been telling parents they are taking their children away to get baths, only to never return with them.

“No decent human beings could defend that. So Jeff Sessions did. He said it’s the lord’s work,” Colbert explained.

Sessions yesterday told a gathering of his church friends that we should obey the laws of the government because god has ordained government for his purpose.

“Don’t bring god into this. I don’t think god picked you, because I don’t worship Vladimir Putin,” Colbert blasted back at Sessions.

The only thing in the Bible close to this behavior is a king who threatened to split a baby into two, Colbert said, “and he was kidding.”

“Jesus said, ‘Suffer the children to come unto me.’ I’m pretty sure Sessions just saw ‘children’ and ‘suffer’ and said, ‘I’m on it!'”

The Trump administration is now talking about erecting tent cities on military bases; children are already being warehoused in an abandoned Walmart. Colbert warned we are “the only country in the whole damned world doing it, because it’s plain wrong” and urged viewers, for Father’s Day, to call their elected representative and demand they “do something.”

“I sincerely believe that it doesn’t matter who you voted for,” Colbert insisted. “If we let this happen in our name, we are a feckless country.”

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