ReachTV Gets New Name, Partnership With Social Pulse Media


ReachTV, fresh with a new moniker after the video network launched as ReachMe TV, has pacted with social marketer Social Pulse Media to provide the latter’s stable of social media influencers access to premium content for their fans and followers, and create a new platform to promote and extend their own brands.

Under terms of the deal, Social Pulse will provide their influencers the opportunity to utilize ReachTV’s ReachTV.Social Platform. In the first month of testing the program generated more than 80 million social media video views.

ReachTV delivers video programming to more than 100 million viewers per month in airports and hotels along with its mobile web platform The next step is to begin featuring key influencers on those platforms, either via their own channels, as a guest, or producing their own shows.

“We imagined a world where social influencers could effectively become their own mini-
networks, providing their audiences with new and innovative programming delivered fresh
every day… so we built it,” said Ron Bloom, co-founder of ReachTV. “Tying their organic
audiences to our 100-plus million viewer network enables influencers to reach beyond their
core fans and resonate with a growing, global audience.”

“ReachTV.Social provides two key benefits to social media influencers who do not otherwise have access to this level of content,” said ReachTV co-founder Lynnwood Bibbens. “We give them the opportunity to offer their viewers their own curated custom channels, and also to extend their personal brands on ReachTV’s other networks… it’s definitely a win-win.”

Said Social Pulse founder Laurie Argall: “This is the first time I have been able to offer my influencers a real opportunity to expand their current viewership. Everyone is pumped up to get in the video game at a higher level, and with over 80 million views per month, we are just getting started.”

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