IATSE Leads Indie Film Crew On Strike In Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico’s film industry still is recovering from the effects of Hurricane Maria, and now it’s been hit by a strike. Crew members working on a low-budget film called Selfie have walked off the job to protest what IATSE says is the company’s failure to pay crew members “over $100,000.”

“The IATSE is currently on strike against Selfie, Selfie Inc., in Puerto Rico,” the union said in a communique to its members. “All IATSE members have left the show to support the organizing effort. The company is currently and actively trying to re-crew ASAP.


“According to their own accounting department,” the union said, “the production owed the crew, including our represented crafts/members, over $100,000.” IATSE advised its members that they are “not to render any services for this production” and that “travel to Puerto Rico will be crossing a picket line.”

The union says that the film is being produced by Joel Shapiro (aka Jake Shapiro), Michael Clofine and Jean Michael Lif and directed by Constantine Paraskevopoulos (aka Dean Paraskevopoulos).

“I’m just one of the investors,” Clofine told Deadline. “Production’s halted, and I’m trying to figure out how to protect my money.”

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