Joe Biden Blasts Donald Trump’s “Irresponsible Approach” To Summit With North Korea Dictator

Associated Press

Former Vice President Joe Biden has issued a statement blasting President Donald Trump’s Singapore summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, charging he gave Kim “many sought-after wins up front without getting anything in return.”

Biden says the agreement reduces the United States’ leverage in return for vague promises to begin nuclear negotiations, calling it “the same kind of promises that the North Korean regime has made to American presidents of both parties in the past—and broken repeatedly.”

“While we should never refuse to speak with our adversaries, nether can we ignore the horrendous human rights abuses North Korea’s leaders perpetrate against their own people. Talking to dictators is one thing, embracing them is another,” Biden blasted of the deal he said does not advantage the U.S. or make us safer.

“By his own admission, the president did not prepare for the Singapore meeting – an inexcusable and irresponsible approach to a high stakes negotiation,” Biden scolded.

“Going forward I hope the president and his team will focus on what’s necessary for our safety and security – the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of  the Korean Penninsula.”

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