Alec Baldwin To Howard Stern: “If I Ran For President, I Would Win – Hands Down”


Alec Baldwin isn’t the American president, but he plays one on TV. And we’ve heard rumblings of a 2020 White House run for the 30 Rock alum and SNL‘s designated Donald Trump. So how about it?

“If I ran for president, I would win, hands down,” Baldwin said on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show today. “It would be the funniest, most exciting, most crazy campaign.” Watch the video clip above.


Funnier and crazier than that last GOP one, dude? Well maybe — seeing as Howard Stern suggested he “run for president as Donald Trump.”

The King of All Media, of course, teed it all up by bantering with Baldwin about the potential gig. Then the host realized a fact: “But you’re busy with Match Game.”

Once the ensuing comedy jokes subsided, Baldwin appeared to get serious. Stern began, “If you’re the hope of the Democratic Party …” “I’m not,” the actor interrupted. “I’m only saying that [about running] because people really don’t have a sense of who is gonna come up. I mean, somebody great is gonna come up, I hope.  But the only reason I say it is because I’d love to run for that kind of position — to have things be very common sense. There’s so many things this country needs to do that are so obvious.”

Maybe future Democratic National Committee chairman David Letterman could introduce the top two candidates at the 2020 convention: “Alec … Oprah. Oprah … Alec.”

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