Anthony Scaramucci Unscathed By ‘Fox & Friends’ #TwoDictators Talk On Eve Of Stephen Colbert Sit-Down

ABC News

Anthony Scaramucci heads to this week’s Late Show appearance with Michael Avenatti from a position of strength.

Since Sunday morning, the shortest lived White House communications director has been victory lapping after being involved in yet another Twitter-trending foot-in-mouth conversation with a journalist. That’s because, this time, The Mooch wasn’t the one to insert foot into mouth.

Appearing on Fox & Friends Sunday to discuss President Donald Trump’s upcoming Singapore summit with North Korean dictator Jim Jong Un, Mooch got interrupted by program host Abby Huntsman when footage of de-planing Trump appeared on screen.

“Anthony, talk to us about this moment,” Huntsman said. “I mean, this is history…regardless of what happens in that meeting between the two dictators, what we are seeing right now, this is history.”

Seeming to ignore the headline-grabbing gaffe, Scaramucci answered smoothly, “Yeah, because he’s a disruptive risk taker. He’s willing to break what will be the usual bonds…he knows that if he goes to a meeting like this, he increases the chance of peace and prosperity.”

Huntsman later apologized on air, and on Twitter, for her “slip up”:

But Twitter, unlike Scaramucci, glommed on to her line and hung on for hours to the trending topic. Among the pressing questions: has everyone yet ordered their #twodictators commemorative coin. And, of course, there was the honing of the “#TwoDictators walk into a bar” gags:

“The short one says; ‘I like your hair’, the tall one says ‘did you see the size of my crowd’.”

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