Sela Ward Joins ‘Westworld’ In Season 2 Penultimate Episode


Warning: This post contains spoilers from HBO’s Westworld Season 2:

The two-time Emmy-winning actress of Once and Again and Sisters is joining HBO’s Westworld next weekend in the penultimate season 2 episode. The news was revealed tonight in the episode 209 teaser “One True Thing.”

As seen here, Sela Ward will play the Man in Black’s wife (aka William), Juliet. Whether she appears in flashbacks or the present storyline, we will see. William revealed to the robotic-version of his father-in-law tycoon James Delos earlier this season that Juliet committed suicide (but with Westworld, the truth is always fudged). Already in season 2, we’ve met the daughter of William and Juliet, Grace (aka Emily) portrayed by Katja Herbers. She’s a daredevil swashbuckler like her father, evident as she escaped mad assassins and a robotic tiger in India-world. However, Grace/Emily also knows there is a limit to this whole guns-a-blazing theme park scene, and that her papa is getting too long in the tooth for it.

The surprise addition of Ward to the second season of the HBO drama comes on the same night that original Fear The Walking Dead cast member Kim Dickens was seeming killed off on the Season 4 mid-season finale of the AMC spin-off.

Westworld airs on HBO on Sundays 9-10pm.



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