‘The Americans’: Cast & Creators Joke Potential Spinoffs, Keri Russell & Matthew Rhys Talk Spy Love – ATX

ATX Television Festival

It was only appropriate that the ATX Television Festival end with The Americans as the FX show recently had its series finale. The packed house at the Paramount Theatre was filled with emotion as they aired of the final scenes appropriately set to the tune of U2’s “With or Without You” from the last episode before actors Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, Noah Emmerich, Holly Taylor, Keidrich Sellati, and Brandon J. Dirden came out on stage with showrunners Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg and director/executive producer Chris Long. The ending of the show, which split up the Jennings clan, had fans all up in their feelings and chomping at the bit for a spinoff with Holly Taylor, who plays Paige.

During the panel, showrunners jokingly mentioned spinoffs casually, specifically with siblings Paige and Henry (Keidrich Sellati), who started playfully bickering on stage like brother and sister.

For Taylor, she kept it casual as well. As much as we want to see her continue her spy adventures, she thinks that, for the most part, her espionage days are done.

“I think she’s out…but don’t tell anyone,” Taylor joked. “All that she’s got is her and her vodka.”

The split between Paige and Elizabeth (Russell) & Philip (Rhys) at the end of the series was a shocker for many, but for Russell, she said “it just felt right.”

“It was absolutely surprising to read,” she said of the karmic retribution for the couple. “It made them pay in the worst possible way. I love it and it makes absolute sense — it’s heartbreaking.”

Ultimately, the show is about making a marriage work. Even though the marriage between Elizabeth and Philip were initially “assigned” to be married to one another for espionage purposes, the show was ultimately about making a marital relationship work. The show also brought Russell and Rhys together as a real-life married couple.

“It is my most favorite relationship story,” said Russell. “What they were able to create in a spy world — it’s a fantasy world for every fear and hope for marriage…it’s a metaphor and it’s fun to be part of.”

“It was a relationship under a microscope and to play that was incredible,” adds Rhys. “The way they arrived in season 1, it was incredibly interesting. It was like ticking bombs and was so rich. It was a real steak dinner every night.”

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