‘The Good Fight’ Creators Robert And Michelle King On “Meta” Season 3 And TV In A “Post-Factual World” – ATX

Cliff Lipson/CBS

Robert and Michelle King see the third season of The Good Fight, their CBS All Access spinoff of The Good Wife, focusing even more closely on current events, especially given the ongoing impact of President Donald Trump.

“It felt like part of the problem is TV entertainment,” Robert King said. “One of the problems in this post-factual world is that narrative seems to have the honesty that people find that they are not getting from facts. And that is bulls–t. That is a lie. So next year will be very meta.”

The couple took the stage on the final day of the ATX Television Festival in Austin to talk about the show and the current political environment.

“The more the show looks at the problem of narrative,” Robert King continued, “you can see we’re all kind of like cats jumping at yarn when we see a story and when you see a fact that is ignored for the story. Trump and others in the administration use that sense of the shock and the turn that you want to distract. So I think that’s what we want to do next season.”

One recent example he cited was the firing of conservative writer Kevin Williamson from The Atlantic earlier this year after his comments about abortion.

“I do think the danger of the left is the same as the danger of the right which is an echo chamber, a bubble that is self-imposed, he said. “I think there’s a story there about the left trying to turn themselves into a mirror of the right because the right is being so effective in its loop of Fox news… the worry is that the left can turn into a version of that.”

As the 2018 mid-term elections approach, the Kings have not determined how the politics will play out in the next season. “It’ll be interesting,” Michelle King teased. “The writer’s room starts before that. We will get a stronger sense as we go into it and go a certain way,” Robert King said, adding that the first episode will be shot before the election.

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