‘Fargo’ EP Warren Littlefield Provides Update On Season 4 – Produced By


Catching up with Fargo EP Warren Littlefield today at the PGA’s Produced By, he told Deadline that season 4 of the Emmy-winning FX series “will go into production in the fall of 2019.”

“(Creator) Noah Hawley is directing a film this summer (Natalie Portman in Fox Searchlight’s Pale Blue Dot), and then in the fourth quarter, he’ll write the opening hour of Fargo, and then at the top of the year, the writers’ room will go to work. Hopefully we get most of the season written, and then in fall go into production.”

In regards to season 4’s theme, Littlefield was largely mum, saying, “We have a year, a city, and a location.”

A year ago at this time at Austin’s ATX Festival, Hawley shocked Fargo fans by saying that season 3 might be the last one for the show. However, by the time the finale aired, he clarified that his busy two-year production schedule on Legion and his film projects were his priorities before directing attention to Fargo season 4.

Fargo is largely an anthology series, though it takes place in the same location, but in different years, with some overlapping characters between seasons. Season 1 takes place in 2006, with Deputy Molly Solverson pursuing the evil Lorne Malvo. Her character appears as a child in season 2, which is set in 1979 and focuses on her father, Lou Solverson, investigating a triple homicide. Season 3 jumps back to 2010, dotes on the mixed-up affairs of twin brothers, played by Ewan McGregor, one a working class probation officer, and the other a parking lot tycoon. The latter is shaken down by a nefarious corporate invader, V.M. Varga, and the whole affair gets investigated by Eden Valley police chief Gloria Burgle.


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