Netflix & Mark Millar’s ‘The Magic Order’ Comic Hits Near 20-Year Pre-Order High


EXCLUSIVE: Just under a year after Netflix inked a deal to purchase Kick-Ass, Jupiter’s Legacy and Kingsman creator Mark Miller’s comic booking publishing company, the team have their inaugural series The Magic Order coming out next week – and its poised to be a total sell-out.

Based on pre-order indications, the start of the series of a multi-generation family of magicians under attack from the one-time Avengers author Millarworld and Marvel’s superstar artist Olivier Coipel that goes on sale on June 13 is the most successful debut in almost 20 years. It is also causing the Man of Steel to break a sweat. See an unlettered preview of the first issue of Magic Order above and the cover of Issue #4 here:

“The second biggest pre-order of the last twenty years was Jupiter’s Legacy, which I released back in 2012,” comic vet Millar told me today of Magic Order’s near magic launch, which Netflix teased with a trailer last week. “Prior to this, you need to go back to 1998 for these kind of orders on a brand-new franchise,” the man that the streaming service’s Ted Sarandos called a “modern day Stan Lee” last year added.

The Netflix acquisition aims to harness the decade old Millarworld’s portfolio of the possible likes of the Jupiter franchise for not just comics but films and TV series to be shown globally on the streamer. While new territory for Netflix, the deal looked like a winner before the Magic Order numbers started racking up with big screen versions of Kick-Ass and Kingsman have seen box office results of nearly $1 billion worldwide. Staying on pace with Millarworld’s output over past years, the plan is that the now Netflix division will put out four comic series annually.

And the Civil War and Old Man Logan scribe clearly intends to take on the big boys.

“It’s a very competitive month we’ve been released in,” Millar says of Magic Order landing in comic stores like LA’s Secret Headquarters next Wednesday. “Marvel went all out and DC has just relaunched the Superman franchise for the first time in over thirty years. We’ve come in higher than almost every single Marvel and DC book, which is crazy for something brand new. I don’t know if Superman is above or below us, the actual chart position apparently being too close to call, which is just nuts.”

Pushing the product, Millar notes that there is a less is more strategy at play here too. “In the past, we’ve always gone back for second, third and fourth printings, but we love the idea of making this as collectible as possible and literally doing no more printings after it sells out on Wednesday,” the Wanted and multi-Hollywood optioned writer declared. “I love the idea of scarcity here and making these a must-buy. So, it’s going to be a fun week and I’m curious what these move at on eBay by Wednesday night!”

So, if you intend to pick up the first issue of The Magic Order, you might want to get in line on Tuesday night … and check out the trailer here:

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