Film Academy Paid Its Governors $1M For Work On Oscars, Museum & Governors Awards In Past Decade-Plus


Members of the Film Academy’s board of governors serve without pay, but some are rewarded handsomely for their service. Since 2005, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has paid out more than $1 million to its governors for services related to the Academy Awards, its annual Governors Awards and its $388 million museum project.

The Academy is conducting an election for 17 seats on its 54-member board of governors. Results are expected next week.

“The Academy occasionally pays for the services of governors in connection with the production of the annual Academy Awards telecast and the annual Governors Awards program, as well as other professional services,” the Academy says in its annual reports.

The biggest single payout was a $330,000 honorarium paid to the late Gil Cates for producing the 2005 Oscar telecast. Cates was an officer and member of the board of governors at the time. Since then, the Academy has paid governors more than $250,000 for services related to Oscar telecasts.

According to “Related Party Transactions” footnotes in the Academy’s annual reports, governors were paid $10,000 for services related to the 2012 Academy Awards telecast, $82,000 for the 2011 telecast, $14,600 for the 2009 telecast and $30,000 on the 2008 telecast. Another governor was paid $25,000 for producing film packages for the 2006 Oscar show and $93,500 for producing film packages for the 2005 telecast. The total paid to governors for Oscar telecast-related services since 2005 comes to $585,100.

Governors also have been paid $329,600 since 2011 for services related to the Governors Awards, the annual event celebrating awards conferred by the Academy’s Board of Governors, which include the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award, the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award and the Honorary Oscar.

According to the Academy’s annual reports, a governor was paid $25,000 last year for services related to the Governors Awards, while in 2015 a governor was paid $24,000. In 2014, a governor was paid $35,000; while another $102,600 was paid in 2013; $143,000 in 2012; and $25,000 in 2011.

The Academy also has paid governors $180,200 in consulting fees since 2006 for services related to the museum project. A governor was paid $25,000 in 2016, $55,100 in 2007, $66,100 in 2007 and $34,000 in 2006.

Another governor, meanwhile, was paid $30,000 in 2015 for curatorial services related to a public exhibit.

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