YouTube Tween Comedy Sensation GEM Sisters Sign With Buchwald

MéLisa Lomelino

EXCLUSIVE: Real-life sisters, Giselle (15 years old), Evangeline (10), and Mercedes (11) — a popular kids’ sketch comedy team on YouTube known as the GEM Sisters — have signed with Buchwald in all areas. They have a subscriber base of 455K and have logged over 162M views. The girls Halloween sketch last year garnered a whopping 8M views alone.

The GEM Sisters, which is quickly growing across all social media platforms, produce family-friendly, broad appeal comedic entertainment that highlights both diversity and female empowerment, aiming to reinforce to Generation Z worldwide that “girls are funny” and “brown is beautiful.”


The GEM Sisters are also active in the literary world and have published the first book in their mystery series Sister Detectives, titled Pup Napped. Book two in the series, Haunted Horse Camp, is due out this summer.

The girls already have had key partnerships with noted youth-oriented brands including Nintendo, Disney, Nickelodeon, Justice, Moose Toys, and MGA Entertainment.

In addition to supporting GEM Sisters’ digital presence, Buchwald will expand their prominence in areas such as film, TV, commercials, publishing, and lifestyle/fashion.

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