‘Fox & Friends’ Mocks Samantha Bee Apology: Kim Kardashian Has More Political Impact

Samantha Bee

NRA rep Dana Loesch was recruited to help Fox & Friends tackle Samantha Bee’s apology on Full Frontal Wednesday night.

She wasn’t impressed.

Bee “diminished her big-picture point about immigration in this country” when she used the vulgar word to describe Ivanka Trump in previous week’s telecast, Loesch began.

Bee said she had used the word previously on her show. “I don’t think American knows that, because America doesn’t watch her show,” Loesch snarked.

“Why in the world, out of all words to try to reclaim, would you try to reclaim that one?” Loesch marveled. “You don’t reclaim a word by using it in an insulting manner against another woman. That’s not reclaiming the word; that’s joining along with the gang.”

Bee “finally realized she hijacked her own attempt to bring attention to illegal immigration by using this term, and that’s what everyone talked about,” Loesch reiterated, before advising Fox News viewers against feeling sorry for the TBS late-night host.

“She got what she wanted. She used this word because she wanted to be shocking. She wanted to expand her name recognition, and she did,” Loesch scolded.

‘But she is not recognized in a good way, nor do people identify her as someone who is smart or humorous.”

Kim Kardashian “had more effect politically than Samantha Bee has had, and also had a better impact on the headlines — for all the haters out there,” Loesch said, tying a bow on her Bee smackdown.

Hours before Bee apologized on air during Wednesday’s show, President Donald Trump announced he had commuted the life sentence of Alice Johnson, after Kim Kardashian’s visit to the Oval Office to lobby on Johnson’s behalf.

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