Stephen Colbert Contemplates Donald Trump’s Presidential Pardon Paperwork List


Stephen Colbert probed President Donald Trump’s obsession with presidential pardons, on the day Trump granted Kim Kardashian’s wish, commuting the life sentence of Alice Marie Johnson, while starting pardon paperwork on at least 30 other individuals.

Colbert prepared his Presumed POTUS Pardon Paperwork List:

-Mike Tyson

-Charlie Sheen

-Hot Mugshot Convict

-The Noid

-Hannibal Lecter

-Fred Flintstone

-Osama bin Laden

“Take that, Obama! Now you murdered an innocent man!” Colbert snarked.

According to one White House official, Trump is obsessed with pardons, describing them as the president’s new fave thing to talk about, Colbert explained.

“Replacing his former favorite thing: ‘Don’t you think my daughter is hot?’” he concluded.

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