‘Today’ Hits Motherlode As Bill Clinton Keeps Getting Asked About Botched Interview

NBC News

Former President Bill Clinton made “false allegations” about his interview on Today show, NBC’s morning show happily scolded this morning.

Clinton is “still making false allegations about that interview with Craig [Melvin],” Savannah Guthrie said at the top of the show, with Melvin seated at her side.

She was talking about Clinton’s interview with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night’s Late Show,  in which Clinton acknowledged his Today sit-down was “not his finest hour.”

But he “also took issue with the questions we asked earlier this week,” Melvin jumped in, claiming Clinton “appeared to suggest NBC News took his words out of context.”

Clinton told Colbert that, during his NBC interview, Melvin seemed to assert had never apologized to Lewinsky, and never had any reckoning.

“In fact the exchange began with the question: ‘Did you ever apologize to her?’ Melvin boasted this morning.

In the course of his interview with Clinton, Melvin made clear he did not think so much of Clinton’s public apologies to Lewinsky, telling the former POTUS, “you didn’t apologize to her” and “You don’t think a private apology is owed?”

Today show also ran a clip of Clinton’s appearance at a Manhattan event Tuesday night, to pitch his new political thrilled, The President Is Missing,” co-written with James Patterson. In that interview, Clinton said, of his sit-down with Melvin, “I got mad… and should have remembered that man is young enough to be my son. I messed up and I own that,”saying no one else is to blame for that botched interview, “including that young man aggressively saying I did not apologize.”

“I got mad when I should have been saying – I got a chance to tell a whole new generation that the journey I’ve been on the last 20 years is one the country has to take,” Clinton said that night.

After airing those clips, Guthrie assured Melvin, “You did not assert he never apologized, you asked whether he had apologized.”

“Thank you very much,” Melvin said.

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