Wonder If Tom Cruise Earns His ‘Mission: Impossible’ Paychecks? Watch This

They sure don’t make movie stars like Tom Cruise anymore. Cruise, who will be 56 by the time Paramount releases Mission: Impossible Fallout on July 27, continues to push himself in directions that would make any other gross participation movie star go, “Bring on the stuntman!”

Mission: Impossible – Fallout Paramount

Cruise broke his ankle filming the upcoming Mission: Impossible Fallout, and it turns out that wasn’t nearly the craziest stunt he did in the Christopher McQuarrie-directed movie. I did The Playboy Interview with Cruise a few years ago, after he ran around the exterior facade of a Dubai skyscraper 1700 feet off the ground for Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol. Aside from the fact he doesn’t seem to be going to seed at nearly the rate of those like me who grew up with his films, I found remarkable the way Cruise calmly rationalizes doing stunts himself that would require just about any other star to equip themselves with an adult diaper, along with a safety harness. Cruise said that if he did the skyscraper stunt 20 floors up and fell, he would die anyway. So what difference does it make, doing it 100 floors up, as long as he has practiced enough to feel confident?


With that fearless attitude, you understand how he hung from the side of a cargo plane for Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, and again risked himself as you will see below for Mission: Impossible Fallout. Cruise said he isn’t some reckless daredevil; he just believes that doing these stunts himself impacts the viewing experience in ways important enough for him to be there at all times.

Below, he and McQuarrie show how he raised the bar, yet again.

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