Camsing & Alibaba Team For Chinese Theme Park, Nordisk Film Sweden Hire — Global Briefs

Alibaba Group

Chinese firm Camsing International is teaming up with Alibaba Group on the first ‘Travel Frog’ theme park in China. Travel Frog is a popular video game made by Japanese company Hit-Point. Alibaba acquired the exclusive distribution right for the game in China earlier this year. Ms. Lo Ching, Chairman, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Camsing International Holding Limited said, “The cooperation between Camsing International and Alibaba Group represents a strong collaboration in brand licensing. By riding on the strong brand of Alibaba Group and the excellent operation of Camsing International, the ‘Travel Frog’ theme park will be popular among the younger generation and become an attraction for a host of tourists in the near future.” Camsing bought Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment! last year and has an agreement with Alibaba to develop and sell products related to Korean character and cartoon Molang.

In September of this year, Calle Marthin will take up the position of Head of Nordisk Film Production Sweden, tasked with growing film and TV content at the division of the powerhouse distribution and production group. Since 2016, Marthin has been a feature film adviser at the Swedish Film Institute. He has previously worked as a producer, screenwriter and director, and is the creator of TV series such as Bonusfamiljen (The Bonus Family) and Våra Vänners Liv (Our Friends’ Lives). “We aim to make movies with a broad appeal and personal signature and to ensure that we continuously produce high-quality commercial films for a wide audience,” said Henrik Zein, CEO of Nordisk Film Production.

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