‘Black Panther’ Princess Letitia Wright Is Ready To Rule If Required


Black Panther star Letitia Wright suggested at the MCM Comic-con show in London that her character, Shuri, may take over as Wakanda’s future leader.

The show ran from Friday and ended today. Wright was answering an audience member question on whether she was prepared to step up as ruler after Thanos’s actions in Avengers: Infinity War left the leadership position at least temporarily vacant. “To be comic-book accurate, yes,” she said.

Shuri’s fate was left unclear at the end of the Infinity War film. However, in the comic books, her genius-level intellect, martial arts skills, and transmorphic ability saw her tested and approved for the role of Black Panther and ruler of Wakanda.

Wright also talked about the online chatter that she is now technically a Disney Princess.

“I was like, ‘what’s this Disney Princess pressure? Do I have to be perfect?’,” she said. “Then I realized that everyone’s just so geeked about having a different kind of female character in the Marvel universe and the Disney universe. And there’s going to be much, much more – I’m not the only Disney Princess to come to the surface and claim that title.”

She continued: “I’m so honored, seriously. I grew up on the Disney movies and grew up with the Disney Princesses and they didn’t really look like me. But now, you can go buy action figures and say ‘this is a Disney Princess’ – right on!”

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