Rose McGowan Mocks Harvey Weinstein’s “Old Man Perp Walk” Into Court: “We Already Know What He’s Planning”

Harvey Weinstein Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan took a victory lap on Megyn Kelly’s hour of Today show, the day Harvey Weinstein turned himself in and was booked on rape charges in Manhattan.

After getting a standing ovation from Kelly’s studio crowd, McGowan, who was one of Weinstein’s earliest, best known accusers, described her morning as “surreal” adding, “It’s real. It’s both. And its kind of like living in a Salvador Dali painting, this whole thing.”

“And, to see him do the Bill Cosby old man perp walk thing on the way in – so we already know what he’s planning,” McGowan observed.

“To see him in cuffs on the way out, whether he smiled or not… that’s a very good feeling.”

Asked if she ever thought she would see this day, McGowan acknowledged she did not and cautioned, “You have to understand, he turned himself in on a Friday. That’s a slow news weekend. Memorial Day. So he still has some privileges from high up, somewhere.”

The system,” she said, “as created by men like him.”

“He was the cult leader of Hollywood,” she told Kelly’s audience in Manhattan. “He tied with god for thanks at the Oscars…To see people lay wreaths at his feet even though they knew? Today is good day.”

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