First Responders Using Universal Backlot For Active Shooter Training

Associated Press

EXCLUSIVE: Given the rash of mass shootings in this country of late with students and teachers being killed both in Santa Fe, TX and in Parkland, FL, Universal Studios has opened up its backlot for First Responders to conduct active shooter training drills.

The moves are part of overall security measures that has come in the wake of so many mass shootings over the years that can and have happened literally everywhere: in a mall (Clackamas), a theater (Aurora), outside a grocery store (Tucson), a nail salon (Seal Beach), a place of worship (Oak Creek Sikh Temple, Charleston, Sutherland Springs), an outdoor concert venue (Vegas), a nightclub (Orlando), office buildings (San Bernardino, YouTube), and numerous high schools, colleges and elementary schools (Columbine, Va Tech, Sandy Hook, Rancho Tehama, Isla Vista, Umpqua, Benton, KY, Parkland, Santa Fe, to name only a very few).

With violence and shootings rising in America, security has been amped up at what are considered “soft targets” across the map in recent years, and it is evidenced at awards shows and premieres in Hollywood especially where there are red carpet events. It is not unusual anymore to see sharpshooters on top of buildings while attending a premiere in Hollywood.

Security measures are both seen and unseen from everything from metal detectors, bomb-sniffing K-9 units and hidden cameras.

Both Disney and Universal have had employees killed in mass shootings, not at their place of businesses but elsewhere both in Vegas and the Pulse Club in Orlando, respectively.

After the most recent shooting in Santa Fe where eight students and two teachers were shot and killed Disney Chairman/CEO Bob Iger tweeted out “By not acting to stop gun violence, we are failing our children and failing our country.”

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