Tony Hale Apologizes To Jessica Walter Over ‘Arrested Development’ Interview Comments


Arrested Development‘s Tony Hale also is apologizing to Jessica Walter over comments made in a New York Times interview in which the cast openly discussed the allegations of inappropriate conduct against Jeffrey Tambor. Hale’s apology on Twitter came hours after Jason Bateman tweeted a series of mea culpas.

“I have reached out to Jessica personally to apologize,” Hale wrote. “Arrested Development is one of my families. Regardless of my intentions, it is clear that my words, both said and unsaid, served to minimize Jessica’s pain and for that I am extremely sorry,”

In the NYT interview, Walter spoke about a time on set when Tambor blew up at her. “I have to let go of being angry at him,” she said through tears with Tambor sitting a few feet away.

Bateman and Hale played down Tambor’s behavior, with Hale noting during the interview, “We’ve all had moments … we’ve worked together 15 years, there has been other points of anger coming out.”

Fellow cast member Alia Shawkat jumped in, saying “But that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable.”

Arrested Development premieres its fifth season May 29 on Netflix.

You can read Hale’s Twitter message below.

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