Seth Meyers: Donald Trump Openly Interfering In Criminal Investigation With “Spygate” Conspiracy Theory


President Donald Trump is now openly interfering in the criminal investigation of his campaign by peddling a baseless conspiracy theory, Seth Meyers told viewers on Late Night.

Trump’s legal problems get worse every day. Most recently, his personal attorney Michael Cohen set up a secret shell company to make hush payments to porn stars and allegedly took money from Ukraine to arrange a meeting with Trump in the White House. Now it looks as if one Cohen’s business partners is cooperating with prosecutors.

Every day we get new bombshells about the criminal probe of Trump’s campaign. And now, he’s openly interfering in Robert Mueller’s investigation, claiming the FBI embedded a spy in his campaign for political purposes. He even gave his fake scandal a name: Spygate.

Meyers showed the clip of Trump talking to reporters on the South Lawn of the White House telling them “We’re calling it Spygate” and “you’re calling it Spygate.”

Meyers said Trump’s like a guy who tries to give himself a new nickname and pretends its catching on.

This cooked up wild conspiracy theory Trump is using to demand an investigation of Mueller’s investigation “would be scary if it weren’t so transparent,” Meyers said.

If Mueller charges Trump with obstruction of justice, “he has a good case, because there are 300 million witnesses,” Meyers added.

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