‘Papillon’ Trailer: Charlie Hunnam & Rami Malek Are Hellbent On Escaping Devil’s Island Prison

Bleecker Street

“I’ll underwrite any escape you can arrange,” the millionaire prisoner tells his framed fellow inmate. Only problem is, their penitentiary is a remote island, and “there’s no way off.”

Tell that to Henri “Papillon” Charrière — who intones, “There’s always a way.” Then again, the punishment for attempted escape is two years in solitary. One’s second attempt is met with a life sentence on said Devil’s Island.

Here is the first trailer for Papillon, director Michael Noer’s remake of the 1973 film that starred Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman and was co-penned by Dalton Trumbo. Charlie Hunnam and Rami Malek step into their respective roles as safecracker Charrière and quirky counterfeiter Louis Dega. Together, the mismatched pair navigate a gauntlet of bullets, whips, even sharks as they struggle for to attain freedom.

The redo is scripted by Aaron Guzikowski based on Charriere’s books Papillon and Banco, with Joey McFarland, David Koplan, Ram Bergman and Roger Corbi producing. Bleecker Street acquired the film after its Toronto premiere last year and will release it August 24.

“Something tells me you can be quite savage,” the money man tells the muscle in proposing their deal. Check out the trailer above and see for yourself.

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