Seth Meyers Blasts Donald Trump’s Claim FBI Spied On White House

Seth Meyers Donald Trump Ban

NBC’s Late Night host Seth Meyers explained the origin of President Donald Trump’s conspiracy theory about the FBI spying in his White House:

Trump was holed up in the White House last weekend, with no public events, as various news outlets published one new bombshell after another about his campaign’s ties to foreign governments. That triggered a tsunami if presidential tweets.

So many long tweets, Late Night had to fast forward through them. Meyers called it unfair that a guy who won’t read a two-page press briefing makes America read a six-part Twitter rant that, technically, is so long it’s a miniseries. “Look for it streaming this summer on Net-Dicks,” Meyers snarked:

According to those weekend press revelations, Don Jr. did not just meet with Russians in Trump Tower during the campaign to discuss the election. He also met with an emissary for the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, who said their countries wanted to help Donald Trump win. The meeting reportedly was arranged by Erik Prince, private security contractor/former head of Blackwater.

“So, Saudi princes, Don Jr. and The Blackwater Guy. The only people missing from that meeting were Dr. Strangelove and Monty Burns,” Meyers observed.

Taking issue with Trump’s claim the FBI planted a spy in his campaign, Meyers told POTUS:

“You think they really needed a spy?… “All they needed was a microphone.  You literally looked into the camera on TV and said, ‘Russia, if you’re listening’.”

“That’s like coming out of the bathroom with white powder on your nose and saying,  ‘I am ready to party because I just did cocaine!”

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