Stephen Colbert Looks At Leakin’ Donald Trump

Stephen Colbert

Donald Trump has become obsessed with his staff leaking information – which we know because someone on his staff leaked that to the press, a tickled Stephen Colbert told viewers.

West Wing aides these days must drop personal phones into small storage lockers when they come to work.

“They’re taking away the phone of everyone except Donald Trump?…That’s like saying no one can bring knives to work except you O.J.,” Colbert noted.

“If this sounds paranoid, it’s only because it is,” Colbert explained. Former Trump aides say Trump thrives on a sense of dominance and control of his environment. So much so he has a longtime fear of having his food contaminated.

For good reason, Trump having once thought he was eating a safe meal, but found a vegetable, Colbert snarked.

During the campaign, Trump aides were afraid that whatever they said to him would end up in the press. And behind his back they called him Leaker-in-Chief.

After a brief struggle with his better self, Colbert blurted, “more like Leaker-On-Sheets!”

“I talk about how the president has become a delusional egomaniac who lives in a reality of his own making. But that’s not fair,” Colbert admitted, given that Trump was that way before he became POTUS.

To make his point, Colbert played a clip in which SNL’s Pete Davidson, speaking about the week Trump guest-hosted in 2015, said Trump faked a phone call during the table read, then announced, “‘Hey, everybody my book just went No. 1.’ We’re all like, ‘that phone did not ring’.”

Not only was this random phone call faked, the book he’s referring to, Crippled America, never went No 1 on the bestseller list.

“It was like Moscow – Trump just sat there while someone else went No.1,” Colbert cheap-shotted.

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